Instructions for Completing your CV

  • Feel free to use this exact template. If you choose to use your own template, make sure all the information in this template is included.
  • Because we want the CV review process to be blinded, we ask that you do not include your name or other uniquely identifying information in the actual document. However, do name the file after yourself (i.e. FirstnameLastname.doc) and submit the CV using your UT Southwestern email account.
  • Do not include medical school grades, GPA, or board scores.
  • Do not include activities from college. We only want to know of research, honors, awards, and activities that occurred since you started medical school. The only exception is research that occurred the summer prior to matriculation.
  • Do not include planned research or activities.
  • Include honors and awards received during medical school, as these may be awarded points.
  • Do not list the same activity/award in two different categories.
  • If you have publications, replace your name with “Myself” in the citations to keep the review process blinded. Include only those publications resulting from work done in medical school. Papers published during medical school for work done during college should not be included. Only manuscripts that are published or accepted for publication may be listed – manuscripts submitted or still in preparation should not be listed.
  • Include only the activities in which you actively participated. Briefly describe the extent of your participation (e.g. organized an event, attended semiannual meetings, etc). Some activities, such as tutoring, are self-explanatory. Others are not, and require a little more explanation. When in doubt, additional description of the commitment is appreciated.
  • For the leadership section, please include number of events/month and total number of officers for the organization along with the hours spent.
  • The personal section pertains to truly extraordinary hardships experienced during medical school. Examples include, but are not limited to, raising children, caring for sick parent, and financial hardships requiring employment during the school year to supplement income.
  • Because date ranges can be misleading, please provide an estimated total number of hours spent doing each activity.
  • If the contact person you list for an activity does not have a UT Southwestern email address, please include a phone number.
  • CVs may be checked for accuracy.
  • Submit your CV to, with a carbon copy